Corporate Background (click to read about us...)

Executive Summary

SRAS Berhad was incorporated with the purpose of practicing the founder's academic and working experience in the field of Environmental Health Sciences. It also serves as an investment platform for young and senior scientists of different discipline to enterprise their human capital to fulfill the ideals of the Health, Humanity and Hunger 3H for the worldwide community. This is a timely proposition in view of the present state of global environmental and human suffering.

The strategic approach to this investment is broadly categorized into three major areas of specialization, namely, Environmental Health, Biomedical and Biotechnology. Although each has its own distinctive features, the operational model is fully integrated to preserve the well-being of human population and the environment.

To achieve this goal, SRAS has to balance the economic, social and political conditions of the affected community. It is a complex, costly and time consuming undertaking which requires a myriad of expertise. This will be the competitive strength of the company.

Corporate Philosophy

Creating Wealth for Health and Humanity Through Values Multiplier of Human Capital in the Fields of Environmental Health Science, Biomedical and Biotechnology.

Corporate Principle

To Promote Good Environmental Health and Safety Practices for Better Economic Return for the Well-being of the Human Population and Preservation of the Environment.