Indoor Air Quality Management System
Total Resources and Environmental Management Solution (TREMS)

A Touch of Future for Your Present Resources and Environmental Management

TREMS stands for Total Resources and Environmental Management Solution. It is an iSCADA solution that utilizes the public Internet infrastructure as the data communication medium. It uniquely combines traditional SCADA technology with the open data communications protocols, services and data formats of the public Internet to deliver cost-effective and easy-to-use SCADA solutions for the masses. It is now feasible to monitor and control virtually any information anywhere in the world.

SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) technology provides the means to monitor and control distributed systems from a central location with dedicated communication infrastructure, proprietary software and hardware. With traditional SCADA, CMS or BAS, your data is "locked" in a control room where it is accessible only by engineers trained to operate the proprietary systems.

Released from the confines of the control room, your valuable data at TREMS is delivered via the Internet directly to their rightful places - desktops of decision makers, conference rooms, offices of control engineers, even site offices of maintenance contractors. Being an end-to-end Internet-based system, assets managed by TREMS can be spread across the globe. It offers the most efficient and economical means to acquire data from anywhere.

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